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How Much Does it Cost to Build A House in Mallorca?

Building your dream home in Mallorca allows you to create an ideal living space, perfectly tailored to your lifestyle and needs. However, building a house is often associated with many uncertainties and variable costs, with the overall budget being the deciding factor.

While the lion’s share of the budget is usually spent on the purchase of land and the actual construction work, there are numerous other expenses that can easily be overlooked. To manage the budget effectively and avoid unforeseen costs, it is advisable to work with an experienced professional from the start. Building a house in Spain, and especially in Mallorca, is a complex process with many variables to consider, and professional advice can help keep track and successfully implement the project.

In addition to the cost of the land, you also have to take into account the additional costs involved in building a house in Mallorca. This includes the services of professionals such as architects, surveyors and contractors, although you will also have to spend part of your budget on mandatory taxes and licenses.

How much does it cost to build a house in Mallorca?

This is the first question you will ask yourself when thinking about building a house in Mallorca. It’s a difficult question to answer because every project has its own requirements. However, there are some common factors that will affect the cost of any project.

As a premier construction and renovation company with expertise in renovation, installation and construction services, Paul Robinson and his team of specialists work to truly understand what you want so we can save you time and money by helping you throughout Make the right suggestions during the construction process. Our aim is to give you honest advice on how best to approach construction or renovation, so that you get maximum value at every stage of the project and avoid unnecessary costs.

The costs of building in Mallorca depend on 5 important factors:

  • Location
  • Draft
  • Size
  • Procurement Route & Project Management
  • Design and Quality

Price per square meter of construction area

When we talk about the price of building a house, we are referring to the price per square meter of construction area, without taking into account taxes or licenses that must be added to the final budget. The cost of building a house in Mallorca is measured by the price per square meter of area, with the larger the floor area, the higher the total cost.

Taxes & Licenses

In addition to construction costs, you need to take into account payments for licenses to the town hall, to the land registry office and to notaries for registration fees. We make sure you understand everything before you get started, like how sales tax varies and how much a license can cost, which depends on which municipality the property or house is located in.

Other variables to consider

Your budget will depend on factors that intervene in the construction, such as the characteristics of the land, the area and geometry of the house, the choice of materials and the finishes you want and the interior design. Each idea shown in the concept design, structures and installations must be included in the bill of quantities, with the cost of a house being highly variable depending on the project and client.

Renovation of a house in Mallorca

If you are looking to renovate in Mallorca, the final costs are more difficult to predict as structural problems are often only discovered at the start of the work, where you must be prepared to adjust your budget accordingly. Additionally, renovation could mean sourcing skilled craftsmen and specialized materials to maintain the existing aesthetic. All of this can mean that the costs per square meter for renovations are higher than for a new building in Mallorca.