EU2019 Award

Son Antem Golf Club East

Just 20 minutes from Palma and in an enviable setting, this golf course is one of the favorites of golfers visiting the island. Your tour can be interesting for both beginners and experienced players and can be a real challenge for all types of players. Its beautiful lakes frame a unique layout on the island, decorating it and integrating it into the landscape. A really recommended field.

Son Antem Golf Club West

Son Antem Golf Club West offers visitors 18 holes that are carefully designed and quite challenging depending on your level of play. Majestic views of Puig de Randa allow players to find the passion for golf in Mallorca in this course.

Golf Son Gual

Very close to Palma airport is Golf Son Gual, an exclusive golf course with a private and inspiring atmosphere. The design includes numerous obstacles along the 18 holes and 6621 meters length: fairway, water and green protection bunkers. A real treat for professionals and amateurs.

Arabella Golf Son Muntaner

Located between the Bay of Palma and the Na Burguesa mountain, the golf course offers its visitors a true experience for all the senses. A remarkable design and greens that present a constant challenge. At 6,226 meters and par 72, it is one of the best courses in Europe. A golf course not to be missed in Mallorca.

Arabella Golf Son Vida

It is the oldest and most traditional golf course in Mallorca: Arabella Golf Son Vida. A legendary golf course with the highest prestige in Europe. A technical and fast design, carefully placed hazards and a par-5 hole over the water make this course an essential stop for every player.

Arabella Golf Son Quint

One of Mallorca’s youngest golf courses offers a wide and open design that encourages aggressive play. A pleasure for beginners and advanced users. Visiting Palma Bay and the Cathedral from the 8th hole is one of the main attractions.

Golf Son Termens

This golf course is perfectly integrated into the Sierra de Tramuntana and surrounded by mountains and native vegetation, with no buildings connected to the landscape. Your route passes through and crosses a mountainous landscape, allowing you to immerse yourself in the nature of the island. The average difficulty of the course requires good precision to avoid the most demanding obstacles. It is definitely a unique golf course within the island.

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